Face Forward

Face Forward is a public art exhibition created by award-winning photographic artist Emma Blau that utilises building site hoardings in the Church Street area of Westminster, which is currently undergoing regeneration. A resident herself, Blau's large-scale photographic portraits feature local people who will be affected by the huge transformations taking place in their neighbourhood. Face Forward was on display throughout 2016.



Responding to Westminster City Council's regeneration plans for the Church Street area in London, renowned photographic artist Emma Blau invited local people to have their photograph taken and show that they are an integral part of their neighbourhood’s history and future. In total Blau photographed over 350 people. A long term resident of the area herself, Blau’s large-scale portraits will be installed on regeneration building site hoardings in 2015 and 2016, creating a multi-site public art exhibition throughout the neighbourhood. Face Forward aims to make visible the people who live, work and study around Church Street who will be affected by the regeneration of their neighbourhood. faceforward.photo twitter/instagram: @FaceFwdPhoto

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