Face Forward

Face Forward is a public art exhibition created by award-winning photographic artist Emma Blau that utilises building site hoardings in the Church Street area of Westminster, which is currently undergoing regeneration. A resident herself, Blau's large-scale photographic portraits feature local people who will be affected by the huge transformations taking place in their neighbourhood. Face Forward was on display throughout 2016.


Thank You

The biggest thank you must go to all of the people in the Church Street area who put their trust in me and had their portrait taken. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm about the project and for taking part. I literally could not have done any of this without you.

Face Forward would also not have been possible without all of the following people and organisations’ help, advice and assistance:


Mike Hartley who created this website, using ‘The J A Mortram’ WordPress Theme which he developed. The full-screen photo galleries are fantastic.


All of my photographic assistants:

Andrew John Simpson

Karolina Hubner

Matthew Lloyd

Claudia Legg

Meg Mackay

Anna Michell

Claudia Moroni

George Zenko


Ismail Ali for his artisan coffee and delectable snacks served at his pop-up brew bar in the studio on our shoot days.

Kate Barrett

Martin Bell at Fruitmachine Design 

Theo Gordon

Julie Grahame

Cheryl Newman

Rachel Palmer

Hannah Watson at TJ Boulting & Trolley Books

All the members of the Church Street Arts & Culture Working Group, past and present, including:

Charlotte Fergusson,‎ Cultural Partnerships Officer, Westminster City Council

Denis Kane at Penfold Community Hub

Cllr. Barbara Grahame, Church Street Ward

Louise Shelley at The Showroom

Emily Skeppner and Melanie de Blank at Lisson Gallery

Dave Wybrow at The Cockpit

Tilley Harris & Alex Pielak at Mapify Church Street

Martin Whittles

The Church Street Future Steering Group and their chairman, Joe Hegarty.

All the staff at Church Street Library

Chris Chadbon and Simon Gregory at SPM Printing

Marco Torquati

Kate Wright

St. Edwards Primary

Fisherton Pre-School

Gateway Academy

King Solomon Academy 

Paddington Development Trust

Vital Regeneration

City of Westminster College

Westminster Adult Education Service

Westminster City Council, who funded this exhibition project as part of the ongoing regeneration of Church Street.


Thank you everyone!